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Time Flies...The Best of
$15.99 CD (Sale)

The Heart of Rock & Roll (Colla/Lewis)
Heart and Soul (Chapman/Chinn)
Doin' It (All for My Baby) (Cody/Duke)
Do You Believe in Love (Lange)
Trouble in Paradise (Cipollina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
The Power of Love (Colla/Hayes/Lewis)
If This Is It (Colla/Lewis)
Bad Is Bad (Call/Ciambotti/Hopper/Lewis/McFee/Schriener)
Workin' for a Livin' (Cipollina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
It's Alright (Mayfield)
Stuck With You (Hayes/Lewis)
I Want a New Drug (Hayes/Lewis)
100 Years from Now (East/East/Lewis)
So Little Kindness (Hayes/Lewis/Sudduth)
'til the Day After (Carter/Hopper/White)
When the Time Has Come (Hayes/Lewis)

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